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Born in 1973 in Germany Florian Schiertz postgraduated in performance at the Rotterdam Conservatoire in the fields of tabla and North Indian classical music. He is a disciple of Sumantra Guha of the Farukhabad gharana and has recently returned from his 17th studying and performing sojourn in India. Florian accompanied sitar player Pandit Kushal Das in Europe and in India. With Kolkata based musician Kalyan Mukherjee he gave about 100 sarod concerts. His performance with western-classical percussionist Wolfram Winkel at the tabla festival in Munich has been broadcasted on BR-Klassik on 11.01.2014 with the comment: "A meeting of cultures: breathtaking and full of suspense."

"Path breaking: German Tabla Vadak holds audience spellbound" - The Hitavada, M.P., INDIA, 15.02.2009
Newspaper Clippings

"The BEAT SCIENTISTS - German percussionists Florian Schiertz and Wolfram Winkel script a new musical language" - The Hindu, February 26, 2015

"One can never master Indian classical music" - Times of India, March 2014

"Tabla is his soul" - Indian Express, March 2011

"Soul of music can cross boundaries" - The Hindu, INDIA, April 2010


Forthcoming concerts:
Concerts with Kushal Das, sitar
13th of May 2016, 19:30 h, Neunkirch
14th of May 2016, 20 h, Konstanz
15th of May 2016, Engen

Concerts with Ranajit Sengupta, sarod
19th of June 2016, 15 h, Weissenhorn
21st of June 2016, Paris

Concerts with Sahana Banerjee, sitar
23th of June 2016, 19:30 h, Deutsch-Indische-Gesellschaft Nuernberg
24th of June 2016, 19 h, Ausstellung Ni & Dschiggetai,Galerie Bernd Lutze, Friedrichshafen
25th of June 2016, 20 h, kleiner Theatersaal, Sudhaus, DIKG Tuebingen

Concert with Rakesh Chaurasia, bansuri &
Siddahrth Kishna, sitar
23rd September 2016, 19:30 h, Vondel Kerk, Amsterdam, http://www.saraswatiart.nl/


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